What we leave behind

Where do we come from?  Is the question even applicable anymore?

Geographically, ethnically, the birds and bees, what is our purpose and why are we here?

Humanity has spent the ages, looking for answers to our purpose, and if you’re looking to discover the purpose here you should know 1. You won’t and 2. Is it the point?

Each of us connected through a legacy woven by ancestors who shared with you this planet, a previous occupant living in your space, each sharing Birthdays, moments of loss, little smiles on Sunday afternoons and struggling through moral choices that we still find ourselves struggling with today.

For me,

1940’s Ireland, and a Man loves his wife, enough to bring a child into this world, a world at war, whilst on the other side of the globe another child stands in a country engulfed with all sorts of problems, that will shape and change a nation for generations to come, Thailand.  He ensures that he lives, that he eats well, works hard, and through time he makes a family, no longer caring for just himself but others.

Go back further and… The truth is I don’t really know.
I know bits, parts of history, letters of full words and dates that certainly don’t mean a thing.  Is it right to honour the gone with fractions of history in place, as its mine now to pass on.

So over the next couple of weeks I begin to piece together not just where I’m from but who I’m from, I encourage anyone that stumbles by here to do so, and share parts of your legacy.

It’s nice to know we each have something to hold on to, something to share with another, we meet along the way.

On a Complete side note:  

Giant Bunny





One thought on “What we leave behind

  1. I am pleased to have met you ‘along the way’, Patrick, & were we to meet in the road & you said, “Where do you come from?” i’d, how could I not, reply, “From there” – pointing behind.
    “And where do YOU come from?”
    “From there.”
    “See you, then.”

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