Connections & Corrections

Our trusty Wikipedia states: Fate implies no choice, and ends fatally, with a death. Fate is an outcome determined by an outside agency acting upon a person or entity; but with destiny the entity is participating in achieving an outcome that is directly related to itself.

Destiny and Fate, Is there such thing?  Greek legends often school the pointlessness of attempting to outmaneuver an unchangeable outcome that has been correctly predicted, but old and new alike, where Destiny tells us what must come to pass I like to believe Fate is kinder, Fate helps us on our way, sometimes points us in the right directions, after all I do like to think all of our choices are our own.

Walking today, through the crowd of cattle* and people (*mindless zombie people) it suddenly dawned on me; I didn’t feel connected, drawn through some universal plot towards a destiny. I was however questioning, why we come into contact with those we do and just pass those we don’t, and how do we correlate so well, after all we all have different ideas on how the world works.

We meet certain people along the way, some we share little moments with, where with others we share more, refusing those that might helps us to be better, accepting those who take us down darker paths, is fate responsible?  If so, then the universal claim is that it’s responsible for all the pain, the loss, suffering and misgivings of the world, for all the dark.

A cycle already repeated by many generations in the past, half chances and choices that shape the world today.  Traits and fears passed down through words, spoken or written, through family or close ones, these questions asked since the beginning.  But shouldn’t we take each day in hand, go with not our heads but our hearts.*

Because if this is fate, then isn’t our destiny already written, where are we going and how fast are we moving towards a new world.  In any and each way, despite how young we all feel, were all limited to a certain number of planetary rotations.

I don’t believe in destiny, I’d like to believe in fate, simply in this wide world, I just feel we’re all just supposed to be connected


2 thoughts on “Connections & Corrections

  1. When you say you don’t believe in destiny, would like to believe in fate, I always pictured fate was indeed our destiny. You’ve stuffed me!!

    Like, it was her fate to end up in jail for drug trafficking, though she’s innocent – and her destiny to write about unjust imprisonment when she gets out… No, that didn’t make it clear. I don’t know now…

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever known. If i did if be able to actually help and put people on their paths. I suppose that’s what is about in the end. Our path and how we may reflect and help others choose the right way

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