Little Randoms


Moving away from thoughts, as a friend said, thinking is bad.

Searching through my phone today struggling to find storage for all the nonsense apps I seem to download and never use, I stumbled upon my phone’s media storage, and got lost searching through photos of days past.

The View

I remember this shot below, the first and only attempt so far at scuba diving. The view was more impressive.

Floating Islands, Thailand 2000...Something
The Original Shot Of Jamesons, Ireland 2010
Father and Sons and a Magic Hat

Some Recent Meals down at the Meze Grill Plymouth, a generous helping of whitebait and squid, followed by some Mains, in the form of traditional lamb skewers and a t-bone steak.

Meze Grill-Starters
Meze Grill -Calamari
Meze Grill's Finest
T-Bone Baby!

Whilst this little beauty was served up at Steak & Omlette when I just popped into to say “hey” to an old friend.

Lamb, Table for One, Job Done

And lastly…

Caught infront of the camera

See Ya Later


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