Notes on Writing

People always ask, how I come up with ideas, or they have ideas and find it hard to get them onto paper and quiz me on that, I find more and more that I don’t have an answer.

Getting ideas down on paper, I don’t seem to have this struggle, I write as I’m currently surrounded by loose papers and note books.  I like to write over a wide range of topics, probably not the best idea when trying to find work in this field.

Stephen King said once when asked about how he comes up his ideas. With a number of horror stories under his belt, he replied that he can’t choose what his mind thinks, that we each have a sort of filter in our heads in which the thoughts drain through, and some things just stick.  I like this analogy.

Sometime the thoughts are dark, deeply personal; completely fantasy or I just feel the story should be told.  A lot of the time an idea can be crafted easily, noted and drafted, but to get a finished piece it takes perseverance, locking myself away with an iPod works best, but time needs to be spent, nothing gets crafted over night.  Music has its influence so much that the mind starts unfolding, creating lives out of nothing, crafting a universe full of wonders; I find myself making a playlist of some truly odd tunes from Philip Glass to something heavier, but alas this isn’t about my offensive taste in music.

To me it’s simply think, and go, but apparently I’m lucky, I’m not saying the well doesn’t occasionally dry out, but ideas to me come thick and fast, seeing through on them now that’s different. Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of a person, a Muse if you will, but they usually too dry up so don’t overuse them.

Its only recently I’ve found the drive to push through sit down and craft work to its full potential.  All I can say is start how you want to start, if its just parts of dialogue that’s fine, you could even start at the end, work your way through, like a puzzle, the story may naturally unfold in front of you.

Of course everyone wants to make a living out of writing but luck only happens to few or otherwise it wouldn’t be luck.  I believe each story should be told, should be available to read, the dream is to be noticed but isn’t everyone’s, (except obviously those of you who don’t want to be noticed)  so you too don’t expect millions from a story, all I hope is that in words you touch people, after all its all about connection.

And to those around Plymouth, Devon and surrounding area

Start asking…


One thought on “Notes on Writing

  1. It’s true, you can’t choose what your mind thinks. It just does, doesn’t it – it just wanders…

    Enjoyed this one, Patrick – & always love quotes from authors.

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