Blogged Up!

Today was a writer’s block convention for me.  No invite needed, I just turned up, the space was my own mind, and I was the only one attending, waiting to hear some aspiring words,  Unfortunately, I realised, that wasn’t happening, not today.    Spending most of the day reading blogs instead of thinking of writing one, today’s’ entry is entirely personal  and simply based on the necessity to write and, to push on and keep my focus, without it, today would have been a complete waste.

No muse and no magical calling to change the world fell in my lap today so I forced myself through a final scene on a project I’m working on. Something that’s been in my mind for a quite a while yet still found it extremely hard to get out of the brain, it wasn’t a matter of the words, I just found myself adding and over adding, definitely over thinking too much because the characters needed it, deserved it, had evolved, It’s nice to know others find the same problems.   Today even music hardly helped, it stopped my thinking which was unusual.  Maybe it was my questionable choice in music, stumbling upon Damien Rice’s playlist on YouTube, how do artists earn money through YouTube…? Anyway, as entertaining and as beautiful as “volcano” is, it still stunted me then pushed me on.

Anyway breaking through with the final scene of my project I hope to send out into the world one day, I decided to dissect and re approach, started a fresh canvas if you will, I found the approach helpful as with clean sheet I managed to fill with the emotion and character dialogue I needed to get across the story, I ended up breaking the story in the early evening and finishing the section I’ve been working on at just over 5000 words, which to  me, means  revisions need to be made, however as it’s only a second part out of three sections I’m hoping to complete by the end of the week I’m beginning to see scenes of an unnecessary burn out, remember, don’t work too hard, the brain will explode.

Spending the rest of the day searching literary agents in the United Kingdom and abroad, which seemed interesting as I prepare to send other works out, looking forward to framing the rejection letters, as it hopefully means one acceptance is on the way.   As for the next couple of days, I look forward to completing theses final drafts and storing them away for a week or so to muster dust for a while before revision starts and I carry on my search for an ideal situation.

Look forward to the return of the heavy thoughts.  Cause I’m thinking.


One thought on “Blogged Up!

  1. Hi Patrick, good luck breaking free of the block today. Who was it who said that, every day, the writer has ‘an appointment with doubt’? I think it’s that which holds us back so many times. I’m off to stare at the screen! Good luck.

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