Notes on Ghosts

If fate doesn’t exist, and everything is random, saying that alternate universes also don’t exist, and everything is this universe is what we know, then our world is a very plain one; put aside all the human differences we have between each other, from business meetings over oil prices, damaged hearts and broken countries.  After two thousand years, you’d simply think we’d be able to get along better. I’d think it be all about finding the answers about where were going,  finding an equal balance where we could all live and share the benefits, everything in retrospect is so small and tiny and insignificant in the larger role anyway.  Money only exists because we say it does.

But that’s a different post altogether I write this whilst talking to a friend currently studying at a Shaolin school, is it school? A temple anyway in Zhengzhou, China, we’re talking about ghosts, spirit guides, the world turning.

It got me thinking, those Meta universes, tiny ultra small universes, ultra cool universes, and alternate universes, all exist out in words in the world and in our heads because people, us, you me and we, created them.  The human imagination is magnificent, creating and destroying every day physically and mentally, writers painting universes in their own minds, these characters growing voices, is it in our nature simply to create, give life, the biblical saying states “we were made in his image”, we create our characters in ours, they represent our fears or strengths, say the things sometimes we don’t have a voice to say.

I was raised never to question the darker things really, (curiosity killed the cat sort of thing), and too many rants on religion or the bizarre more or less ended up resulting in awkward silences.  Still grown up and occasionally a conversation heads the way of the weird and unknown.   Talks of ghosts and things we can’t really explain still raise hairs the back of necks and it’s all just speculation.

We’ve all had the feeling of something in the corner of your eye as BBC Ones Doctor Who often relies on to tell its darker stories, the presence around us when were alone in the dark, eyes on us when we’re sure no one’s watching.

Stories are by the many on bookshelf’s, and online, the infamous horror section , from big names in fiction, to the “true stories online”, my personal favourite being about the Ouija spirit ZoZo, a terrifying demonic spirit who resides in the netherworld.

(I was going to post a link, but I would rather not endorse any usage of such things, for your own mental well-being and the fact that your friends might start alienating you because you’ve become a nut, plus if you go looking for something you’re sure to find it).

Loftus hall (Pictured above) is another famous legend,

The shorter abridged version being it was visited by the devil himself and left in ruins haunted by a young girl.   (Yeah right!?!)

Closer to home, Penmere Station is supposedly haunted by eerie music and two Victorian children on the train track that apparently beckon you down the grassy track. Something right out of a Poe story and for Cornwall and Devon and that’s just the beginning, the entire area is peppered with local haunts and eerie hot spots.  Safe to say I have never seen anything yet, cautiously touching the wooden chest next to me already succumbing to superstition.

Penmere Station, Cornwall

Is the search for the unknown just a way of trying to make up something were lacking in our inner consciousness, we all deep down must have some desire to understand what makes us tick.

Anything scares me, anything scares anyone but really after all considering how dangerous everything is nothing is really very frightening.

Gertrude Stein


Do we believe in these tales so we hold on to some semblance that if the “out of this world” exits, then the beyond exists?  If I believe in ghosts am I suppose to believe in Angels, I suppose science has ways of seeing things the naked eyes cannot see, reality TV is full of ghost hunters watching the echoes of the past, and maybe it’s time to get in on the action.

So I’m considering putting together a team, my own Scooby gang if you will, “The Debunkers”.  It could be good research for a book, searching high and low, for something tangible, not to mess or interfere with spirits, but to seek out the truth behind the legend, where it began, those who were left behind the story, who told the story. I may even start with the above few, to be sure if I were to uptake a project I would do with the up most care.  As I already said if you go looking for it, you’re sure to find it.

I’m just looking for an adventure, to laugh in the face of fear, are there any left to be had?


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