257 Words

“Always waste time when you don’t have any, Time is not the boss of you.”

The Doctor

One weekend, one virus, one stupid text message and one regret.

Not bad for 48 hours.  The weekend.  Time spent away from the books, away from the computer trying to fit back into the world.

Such a bad idea, as I sit down to start “my world again”, my computer looks at me and looks away, as if it wasn’t good enough for the weekend, why is it good enough now.

My answer…  Stop talking to the computer.  So there I am, sitting facing a blank screen, as some note it’s their fear, that white screen. No story crafted, no picture seen.

To me, it’s enough of a push to get me going, a blank page is like jumping out of an airplane at 20,000ft.  I wanna fly with my creations today, I want to lose myself in my stories, but alas not today.  The world has turned, we have all moved on from remembering those lost.  There are some that will never move on, and it pushes me to write something that matters today.  To hunt through that muscle of a brain I have to pull something from that and make it into something pretty.

It’s Monday morning, 09.56am transitioned too 10.23am, I swear I only blinked.

On a general note:

I’ve noticed others have samples of short stories online on their blog. What do other writers think, is the blog a good place to sample your work.


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