Recreating the first scene

The first time we met, it was perfect.  You knew what I wanted, and you could read my mind, you were simple then and I still loved you.  Over time we grew apart, I never stopped caring for you, I just found that the world had a lot of adventures to be lived, anyway we recently found each other again, and the honeymoon period began, but as with all things we move back into a stalemate, I want something from you but before you can deliver you definitely need something from me…  A real beginning.

Two scripts complete, minus one introduction.  Four years ago when the idea for the story first popped into my head on some idyllic Thursday afternoon, I sat and wrote the beginning, The Tales of Emily.

Since then it evolved so much in my head and on paper.  Over the years I mapped out and planned where each character would go, who would live and who would be lost.

Now finally when the time came, where I sat down, I looked at my notes, they were now four themselves, and had sat patiently awaiting hands to pick them up.  I think my eyes closed and I carried on, painted the picture, now I hold in my hand two perfect scripts… I say perfect; taking into account a re-draft is needed they can’t be perfect, and also… I scrapped the original beginning.

Note to self: I DID WHAT?!

Now I’m starting to open my eyes, see where my character began, am I doing this or is something guiding me.  To be honest it’s a simple scene where we our introduced to our protagonist, Emily.  Wandering the gardens of her family home, thoughts and introductions to members of a family that we will soon never hear from again due the inconceivable issues that our dear Emily are about to face.

But finding balance in getting a hook into the readers and already knowing where the story is to go is a hard place to be today, it’s a world soon to be full of magic, gold dust, cities that are alive and the glorious Knights of Amsterdam.  I’ve mapped it at around 3000 words, enough not to bore readers, but enough to keep them page turning because soon there’s a big surprise on the way.

Beginning again though is never easy, things have moved so far, can things ever be simple again?

Aiming to crack those words by midday, I already have another task to complete this afternoon, another beginning,

This actually more of a professional script, written using script writing software (We should all be “Ooooo-ing” in wonder, I certainly am.  This though more comedic, more relaxing, a chance to hopefully stretch my brain muscles instead of straining them it’s looking like a whole day of writing ahead.

I hope it stays raining…


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