Faith. Fate. Destiny. Choices & Love

Humanity comes with the most complicated of decisions.  Were not totally ruled by the animal kingdom law, it’s not the strongest against the weakest; although there are those who wish it was like that, their mostly uneducated, big, dumb and stupid.

We hold on to love and connection because deep down all the webs we have made, make us feel more than we are.  We still have that moment where we look into the mirror, and you’re alone.  Looking for inevitable truth in original words crafted by past ancestors, I’m a coward.  I want to be a hero, but I can’t even help myself.  It’s a un satisfying thought when it sinks in.  The demon behind your eyes tells you your fears.

But I keep moving, these eyes haven’t seen everything yet. And I don’t care about material things. I’d give up this computer for a beautiful sunrise.  A traveller, the world has so many adventures to be lived.  And I’m blogging…

Through the Infinity of my soul,

And these eyes and what they have seen.

Let us not dwindle around the movement of Twilight

But remember where we have been.

The Future already decided,

Fates are entwined and true love is blinded.

My Fears are what drive me, now it feels

I drive fear.

This planet as ever reminds me of a prison,

Whilst the empty space of gleaming bright lights tease me with freedom.

It’s my breath, my wisdom, my truth to try

And pass down the system.  Though I wish it was just over.

Wishes don’t come true.

I wish I was sleeping, dreaming of starlight

Lost in a void of never-ending night.


What do you think?

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