Project Two. Or B, or ii, or just plain “ambitious”

”Four gags per page” I’ll give you for gag’s per page…  I’m gagging!   Or actually I’m not.  I’m choking. Writing a comedy, I come to realise what makes you laugh will not necessary make others laugh.  Lucky enough I have enough obscene friends as script doctors. Isn’t it great when you just have some shameful friends around.

Preparing a project for film, my first and probably own funded filmed pilot, scripting has never been so delicious.  Joe Mallozzi said once writing prose and scripts are completely two different kettle of fish, he’s right.  Finding the script relying on the three act structure to bridge the gap and suck readers/watchers in I probably never really thought of it.  After all writing my other stories were either self contained or just never relied on the rule, I found that the characters took the story where it wanted to go or they self reacted writing themselves.

“Project Film” on the other hand, needs direction.  The characters kind of blank canvas’s until an actor fills their role, maybe this is what holds me back on the script.  Unlike the prose where the characters free fall, my mindset has been so warped and occupied by who and what faces will fill the role.  Back to the drawing board I suppose, and if all goes well this project will be in the can in six months.

These are my characters, actors will bring flesh to black and white and dumping this from mind frees up a lot of space but again as their words flow and they take their steps I’m sure I’ll be dreaming up faces again.

How do you see your characters?  Do you paint their faces; replace them with loved ones or strangers you’ve encountered?


What do you think?

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