Stolen images or Emily in Pictures…

Well after loosing a nights sleep to an afternoon nap, i spent the most of twilight… (and i mean twilight in the sense of night… not that… urghh… vampire novel) being even sadder and just finding pictures online that represent my story.  So…. i found myself finding more *Insert Smily face…

If wishes were horses... "The Leading lady"

The witch. "when she was young." Enemies at a later point - The Fallen Daughters.
inspiration for a character from book 2










So i was happy to know it’s out there, what i see in my head, can be crafted together in pictures.  Though to anyone reading… yes… it all started with a girl.  The story has come along way from its conception, and the meaning behind the story… well… that’s evolved over time.  But it definitely helps in contradiction to my previous post. Imaging a hottie in the lead doesnt hurt either.

And talking of  project ambitious,

Heres how I see my leads…

And good night.


One thought on “Stolen images or Emily in Pictures…

  1. Love how you see your leads, Patrick 🙂

    Beautiful images here – especially the dark woman.

    I wonder how all that went, for you.

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