The Strings Of Fate or Travelling thoughts

In Greek mythology, Theseus rescued himself out of the labyrinth of Minotaur by following a red thread, given to him by Ariadne.  I belive in fate, and I belive in the mythological belief that we are all connected, by the red string of fate.  We all meet for different reasons.

Some to share lessons with, some to learn how not to be, some to love and to treasure and to some to bring life… all for many reasons.

I haven’t written in a long time.  A betrayal to myself, and a let down to my aspirations, how did I get here?  Last rants surrounded the search for employment and “love in the time of cholera”.  The day job provides the funds necessary to live and survive to make it though the next days.  Pretty inanimate objects keep us still to the cause; keep us rooted in pretty things and soulless desires.  Well we all move on eventually.

I found employment, in a small town fish and chip shop, incapable of running itself and an incompetent Greek manager.  It provided funds; provided what was sought but not what was needed.

On returning to the empty bliss of unemployment, making a mad dash home for Christmas, I found myself literally stepping into myself again.  Seeking new ideology, seeking what some always seek, no more absolution then banging your head against the wall and hoping it would change color.  The world anew refreshes me.  Now into the void again, connected to you solely by a piece of string around my ankle… forever bending never breaking.  We all have to do something with our soul that matters and I won’t waste mine.  To those who have fallen, and those who sleep.   You will not be forgotten even in the darkest of moments.  We have a responsibility to each other… well that’s the way I see it.

It’s hard to believe that I beat 100,000 other sperm.



I’m all about clear and reasonable goals today.

There’s no point being constrained by the irrational thought of winning the lottery, stumbling upon some hidden treasure, become embroiled in some sort of conspiracy or even gaining employment on this lovely, lovely Sunday. Bear in mind it’s 3.33 and it’s an early day… I mean… When a kid’s three years old you think “yeah, cool, it’s three years old” but wait! Wait until it’s twenty two; god knows where and up to god’s know what, and then think… what if I have a daughter, as I once heard “every woman no matter how great, sexy, naughty or trampish… Is another mans daughter”

My top 10 reasonable goals of the day to avoid failure and succeed as follows…

1. Wake up – pretty self explanatory, but I’m talking wake up with the same drive I find myself battling going to sleep with….

2. Hand Wash an Item of clothing – good for the environment Something to do… Worst case scenario… I’ve cleaned something too much.

3. Make an effort to see a friend – ha! Not hard… I’ve already planned that one in advance. And they live a mile and half away which i’ll walk the distance

Which brings me to 4.

Take a walk 🙂

5. Write at least a thousand words – anything, a mixture of five 200 word stories (that would be cool!) but a thousand ‘a’s will suffice

6. Return to education – Not literally, but thinking of returning to university to study something worthwhile, beneficial and useful… So looking at applying Hmmm surf studies anyone…?

7. Eat something… Not anything… Food, substantial sustenance, fuel, pizza, or something good.

8. Do something Sunday related- I’m thinking roast dinner, if you can’t whip yourself a roast dinner but you can read this… Sh@t… Sorry

9. Generally be good, decent, and avoiding anyone with a shot gun… – highly unlikely I’ll bump into anyone with a shot gun but still…

10. Get some sleep… Like now

Ok… Sleep like now…. Now goddammit… Now… Now… This might take awhile….

Taihg “Daniel Lloyd”

At the end of 2005 I met Taihg, on the high street of Canterbury, I had just moved there and literally knew no one, but had always had a love, and had come from the music world, we instantly hit it off and within hours we laughing and chatting like we’d know each other all our lives, and I suppose that’s what he did.  I suddenly found myself socializing with Taihg on a daily basis, and met some truly awesome inspiring people along the way.  And when I say daily basis, I mean, every day within a few days, I had been invited into a much larger family and it was amazing, friends, friends and making friends.

Truly blessed musician and honest heart, Taihg stood up where every other person I have ever known has backed down, not afraid to speak his mind and not afraid to try to heal the problems through his music, whether he was aware of it or not I’m not sure.  All I know, Daniel Lloyd touched so many souls with his life.

Over the many years I’ve drifted through life, I’ve met some amazing people, some I’ve truly come to see as family, and as family we take so many things for granted.  As my girlfriend at the time stated when we left Canterbury “You’re not the same without Taihg”.  Geez… Wasn’t a bromance!

But true I never was the same, in life I always end up meeting people, I feel need some of “me” at the time, how …. Of me… but it’s true, there’s so much to connect with in life and its easy to fall out of touch.  But standing with Taihg on the streets of Canterbury… They were the best of days.

I left Canterbury on the end December 2006, The last night was spent singing and question and arguing over life and purpose and everything in-between and the next day our good-bye was funny, I needed to work, he need to sleep. So that was it.

“I’ll see you again”

2012 Daniel Lloyd gifted soul, musician, friend, father, brother and son, passed away.  Leaving behind empty spaces and cherished memories.  In times of grief all process things differently, my heart goes out to his family.  There’s so much I’m leaving out, he has a legacy that’s so huge, I already feel guilt that I can’t convey the life that he was.

And you may think why I am sharing this, of all things. I am, because over the last 5 years that soul went on to touch so many more.  Do so much more, write so much, sing so much.  A life not wasted is a life lived and if there is one thing I can ever and will say about Taihg is that he knew how to live.   We were all connected to you in such different ways, loved by so many, but I don’t think it needs to stop there.

You were brilliant and such an important person and stood out amongst the 7 billion more.  In time we will all be with you in whatever design you feel whether its heaven, a new dimension, or wonderland.

Only your words can heal the hole that has been left in the world, from you departing it.

Good bye my dearest friend


Fractally quantumed astro alchemist loving every minute…would like to sleep


Well 07/07 was the british 911,

never break us, you can send this whole country to heaven,

got innocents lying in the streets on London dying

But you forget the English have the heart of a lion,

Now we survived the blitz; despite this terrorist threat,

we’ll never back down no matter how bad it gets

But this great nation’s seemed to have lost its way,

Bull shit politics lead this country astray.

Because we don’t shrink from the evil we face, thinking we support you Blair, it’s a fucking disgrace.

You who brought terror to the streets of the capital,

Iraq, Afghanistan there’s too much to capital,

Blair you’re full of Christians in the belly of the beast, on your conscience rest the 57 deceased.

To busy changing oil and political ties,

you wash the blood from your hands with Londoners lives,

Now we don’t belive the lies; even through Londoners eyes,

We’ve woken a lion and it’s time to rise.

An Islamic terror doesnt even exist

cause if you’re a true muslim you could never be a terrorist.

Misguided fools scream the name of Allah conducted by evil members here and afar.

We claim we knew nothing as your form a defence

We knew London was the target, where the fuck was the intelligence.

Never never, you’ll never break us, never-never, you’ll never take us, never-never, never break our shit, only make us…

Now police got free rein to kill who they like, young arabs in the sniper sight, it’s silent night,

all over with the pull of the trigger,

more hate, more war now this shit’s getting bigger.

A terrorist is a small product promoting fear,

should fear the fucking network that’s putting them here.

Loud and clear someones got to be building the bombs

some one else chooses the target for maximum harm,

Its wrong.

And now it’s right; here in the streets

like in the middle east there can never be peace.

And all the foreign police helps London to burn, it’s too late we’ve passed the point of no return

I’m sick of seeing evil men preach their racism

see the hate in them affect the heart Were like state venom,

fearing ignorance corrupting your mind, committing crimes against man kind, gotta be blind

It’s a fucked up situation that were facing

Home grown suicide bombers blowing the place in

segregation amplifies degrees of separation, raise a foundation that these freedoms are faced, it all blows irrelevant, eloquence I interrupt this indicator speaking universal truths,

ignorant cats hate it, you have to find a balance between these civil liberties with big brother’s culture, bringing us to our knees

Never never, you’ll never break us, never never, you’ll never take us, never never, never break our shit, you’ll only make us…

Tales of Dublin City

Here I sat buzzing like bee,

Sucking her sweet called ecstasy,

Well you know these feelings what we needing

C’mon everybody start believing;

And then I met a boy, he came to me and said

Bruised and bleeding from his father’s hand.

Didn’t know what to do, but cleaned him up and then

Said, that I would, go kill his dad

The boy said NO and kept at me

“Sing me to sleep” so I sang

“Lost and lonely, don’t go mad

Don’t keep too much on your shoulders

That makes you so sad

Don’t go lonely, don’t go mad

Don’t keep too much on your shoulders

makes you so sad”


Please check them out if you get a chance