Taihg “Daniel Lloyd”

At the end of 2005 I met Taihg, on the high street of Canterbury, I had just moved there and literally knew no one, but had always had a love, and had come from the music world, we instantly hit it off and within hours we laughing and chatting like we’d know each other all our lives, and I suppose that’s what he did.  I suddenly found myself socializing with Taihg on a daily basis, and met some truly awesome inspiring people along the way.  And when I say daily basis, I mean, every day within a few days, I had been invited into a much larger family and it was amazing, friends, friends and making friends.

Truly blessed musician and honest heart, Taihg stood up where every other person I have ever known has backed down, not afraid to speak his mind and not afraid to try to heal the problems through his music, whether he was aware of it or not I’m not sure.  All I know, Daniel Lloyd touched so many souls with his life.

Over the many years I’ve drifted through life, I’ve met some amazing people, some I’ve truly come to see as family, and as family we take so many things for granted.  As my girlfriend at the time stated when we left Canterbury “You’re not the same without Taihg”.  Geez… Wasn’t a bromance!

But true I never was the same, in life I always end up meeting people, I feel need some of “me” at the time, how …. Of me… but it’s true, there’s so much to connect with in life and its easy to fall out of touch.  But standing with Taihg on the streets of Canterbury… They were the best of days.

I left Canterbury on the end December 2006, The last night was spent singing and question and arguing over life and purpose and everything in-between and the next day our good-bye was funny, I needed to work, he need to sleep. So that was it.

“I’ll see you again”

2012 Daniel Lloyd gifted soul, musician, friend, father, brother and son, passed away.  Leaving behind empty spaces and cherished memories.  In times of grief all process things differently, my heart goes out to his family.  There’s so much I’m leaving out, he has a legacy that’s so huge, I already feel guilt that I can’t convey the life that he was.

And you may think why I am sharing this, of all things. I am, because over the last 5 years that soul went on to touch so many more.  Do so much more, write so much, sing so much.  A life not wasted is a life lived and if there is one thing I can ever and will say about Taihg is that he knew how to live.   We were all connected to you in such different ways, loved by so many, but I don’t think it needs to stop there.


You were brilliant and such an important person and stood out amongst the 7 billion more.  In time we will all be with you in whatever design you feel whether its heaven, a new dimension, or wonderland.

Only your words can heal the hole that has been left in the world, from you departing it.

Good bye my dearest friend



12 thoughts on “Taihg “Daniel Lloyd”

  1. Patrick, hi. Thank you so much for coming by, for subbing. I am honoured, sincerely.

    Taihg sounds awesome. And you; you sound so open. When I moved my son & me to the east of Australia, from the west, he got into friendships through school, but I was closed, very injured by past events, & knew no-one. I in fact still know no-one, but am repairing rapidly, suddenly. What a waste of time being wounded is.

    But you, you immediately opened up to what was around you – you went down the street, and there you met Taihg. I really like that. I think I really like you, just through this page – and the fact that you can write. Pardon me to say, but I do.

    This ode to Taihg/Daniel is absolutely beautiful. It’s like his spirit is so here, still. How blessed of you.

    Your words, “Only your words can heal the hole that has been left in the world, from you departing it” – beautiful.

    1. also, i think ive always have lived and said, that were limited by plantery rotations whether we accept this or not. I can never imagine to live in someone elses shoes, or know what others have really gone through. All I’ll ever do is offer my hand, acceptance comes in high esteem to me if that makes sense. You can only stay closed for a while, I suppose, eventually the head just changes it’s game 🙂

      1. True Patrick. We’re not meant to be closed – that’s why it’s impossible to STAY closed. 🙂

    1. His single got released afterwards all proceeds going to his daughter, already made it to the top 100 of iTunes and no7 currently in the top ten of the singer/songwriter category. Amazing

  2. Thank you for such a heartfelt articlle about my truly amazing son, Patrick. He has left an enormous hole in our lives which will never be filled and we are heartbroken – but your words are lovely and make us even prouder of our beautiful Daniel (Taigh). Bless you for taking the time to do this.

  3. I know when he stood up he wanted 2 be counted -HE MEANT every SINGLE word he wouldnt of said it otherwise..He wanted 2 make a POSITIVE difference however large or small & he did do that 4 so many even in his short time.. He’d of stood his ground no matter what the consequences where -cause he was real and surrounded maybe by 2 much fakeness .. I dont feel no blame or bitterness 2 anyone ..i just feel so so empty and sad (still) that my beautiful brother is no more….;(

    1. We only knew each other for a couple of years over my spell in Canterbury. The mans soul touched more than you know. It’s hard to feel it some days but I like to belive he’s everywhere with us all at once.

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