I’m all about clear and reasonable goals today.

There’s no point being constrained by the irrational thought of winning the lottery, stumbling upon some hidden treasure, become embroiled in some sort of conspiracy or even gaining employment on this lovely, lovely Sunday. Bear in mind it’s 3.33 and it’s an early day… I mean… When a kid’s three years old you think “yeah, cool, it’s three years old” but wait! Wait until it’s twenty two; god knows where and up to god’s know what, and then think… what if I have a daughter, as I once heard “every woman no matter how great, sexy, naughty or trampish… Is another mans daughter”

My top 10 reasonable goals of the day to avoid failure and succeed as follows…

1. Wake up – pretty self explanatory, but I’m talking wake up with the same drive I find myself battling going to sleep with….

2. Hand Wash an Item of clothing – good for the environment Something to do… Worst case scenario… I’ve cleaned something too much.

3. Make an effort to see a friend – ha! Not hard… I’ve already planned that one in advance. And they live a mile and half away which i’ll walk the distance

Which brings me to 4.

Take a walk 🙂

5. Write at least a thousand words – anything, a mixture of five 200 word stories (that would be cool!) but a thousand ‘a’s will suffice

6. Return to education – Not literally, but thinking of returning to university to study something worthwhile, beneficial and useful… So looking at applying Hmmm surf studies anyone…?

7. Eat something… Not anything… Food, substantial sustenance, fuel, pizza, or something good.

8. Do something Sunday related- I’m thinking roast dinner, if you can’t whip yourself a roast dinner but you can read this… Sh@t… Sorry

9. Generally be good, decent, and avoiding anyone with a shot gun… – highly unlikely I’ll bump into anyone with a shot gun but still…

10. Get some sleep… Like now

Ok… Sleep like now…. Now goddammit… Now… Now… This might take awhile….


5 thoughts on “3.33

  1. I LOVE your 10 goals. It just so happened I hand-washed my son’s shorts in the shower today. I’d done my visit to the laundromat yesterday, so I was all set for the week – then he chucked in these filthy filthy shorts. I was sure they’d stain if I didn’t wash them right away – they were good shorts. So I got by nail brush and scrubbed them. Stain free, and hanging to dry.

    I like your no. 7 & no. 8 and 9 ‘be decent’. I liked your photography too, but LOVED the cat picture. Absolutely beautifully captured. That should be framed and on the wall, that one.

  2. Setting goals and making a personal plan is what keeps us getting out of bed. I know when I was not working I did not want to get out of bed, now that I work, OMG I jump at the opportunity.

    1. Definitely the same, when working i was always up no matter what, the job hunt just becomes monotonous and listening to the “you have to work to do etc” gets tiring too. At least I use my time well… making steady plans for the future and my next venture, volunteering!

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