The Strings Of Fate or Travelling thoughts

In Greek mythology, Theseus rescued himself out of the labyrinth of Minotaur by following a red thread, given to him by Ariadne.  I belive in fate, and I belive in the mythological belief that we are all connected, by the red string of fate.  We all meet for different reasons.

Some to share lessons with, some to learn how not to be, some to love and to treasure and to some to bring life… all for many reasons.

I haven’t written in a long time.  A betrayal to myself, and a let down to my aspirations, how did I get here?  Last rants surrounded the search for employment and “love in the time of cholera”.  The day job provides the funds necessary to live and survive to make it though the next days.  Pretty inanimate objects keep us still to the cause; keep us rooted in pretty things and soulless desires.  Well we all move on eventually.

I found employment, in a small town fish and chip shop, incapable of running itself and an incompetent Greek manager.  It provided funds; provided what was sought but not what was needed.

On returning to the empty bliss of unemployment, making a mad dash home for Christmas, I found myself literally stepping into myself again.  Seeking new ideology, seeking what some always seek, no more absolution then banging your head against the wall and hoping it would change color.  The world anew refreshes me.  Now into the void again, connected to you solely by a piece of string around my ankle… forever bending never breaking.  We all have to do something with our soul that matters and I won’t waste mine.  To those who have fallen, and those who sleep.   You will not be forgotten even in the darkest of moments.  We have a responsibility to each other… well that’s the way I see it.

It’s hard to believe that I beat 100,000 other sperm.


One thought on “The Strings Of Fate or Travelling thoughts

  1. Patrick, hi. My gosh, I haven’t come by in ages! I am so wondering how you are. Unemployment. I always feel inferior when I’m not employed. I’ve never been for long, but I feel I’m not “enough” unless I’m working. Well trained, would you say, to “work for da man”?

    I’d love to buy fish & chips from you :)!

    I really enjoy the way you write, word your world. I feel very much aligned with your musings. It was a late (last decade) realisation of mine that we meet people for purposes. I cannot resist but agree. I love you bringing in mythology – I didn’t know that one, the red string. Funny it should be red, blood red.

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