Let’s Get Down To Work

I’m in the insurance industry. When I say industry I mean industry. 


Coming from the Latin word industria, meaning “diligent activity directed to some purpose,” and its descendant, Old French industrie, with the senses “activity,” “ability,” and “a trade or occupation,” our word (first recorded in 1475) originally meant “skill,”


Above of which I 100% knew as fact.  Completely untrue. 


I work in an office, and I do stuff. , other prospects. I will not dwell, I have no bad word to say, insurance isn’t fair, but neither is money and the stuff it buys. 


I  speak to people all day five to six days a week, and the one thing I’ve definitely come to the conclusion of, is that even though someone up top believes in the core value. It gets diluted through the corporate others. They basically churn it around, mix it up and make it glittery who have to work it financially into a machine which grinds it down to us through payroll basically something to do all day, and  to get the work done. We get paid to turn up to work to help customers,but I get the impression,  even this isn’t financially do-able. 


I wake up every morning, sometimes have breakfast, sometimes take sandwich, get a bottle of water, or red bull depending on the mood. I walk through those revolving doors (we have revolving doors!) and literally get through my day. But I’m not the only one, every one else has their morning rituals, snooze or up, that moment when they first open the eyes and just for a second have that feeling. Before you remember all of the good and bad of life instantly and move to complete your day with all the things that make you… you.


We all make up that collective; and handle things differently. We definitely don’t have enough time to spend with our customers though. But then sometimes you just have that good day when restrictions just don’t matter, and you just chat. Help. Cause that’s what I like, that’s what’s fun. I’m sure the word help stands for…



      M  P

 H E L P

 E       E A

 L        A T

 P       S R

          E  I




And that’s what I liked about today. Officially open for business. I’m here to help.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Down To Work

    1. Oh yes. That had to end. It just had too. After a long dwindling spell I had to do something. Only boring people get bored apparently. On the bright side I’m one step closer to reaching my dream job… Or one step closer to never achieving my dreams… Haven’t decided yet. Thanks for coming by 🙂

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