Long Day’s And Who Cares?

If only I could be bothered to tell you.

You’d wish I hadn’t.

Happy Tuesday


5 thoughts on “Long Day’s And Who Cares?

  1. Patrick 😦 Hate to hear your tone here, but fully respect you need to bluntly say.

    I hope, I truly do, things are better this day.

    Today I mentioned you in my blog, & hope you don’t mind that. Most people don’t! Yet I did quote you, your first post. Let me know if this upsets, & I will readily undo.

    I love your space, your words.


    1. I’ve struggled to think, to give you an answer worthy, but I have succumbed…I don’t remember… I have had some awesome Tuesdays since then but with all seriousness… you probably wouldn’t care . 😉 Though I have opened a draw to get my sketch pad out and surprisingly enough/ cant be a coincidence; found Dark matter sitting all wrapped up nicely… NO! not real dark matter! Your Dark Matter. Now that sounds dirty… Thanks for coming by though (what a lovely kick up the backside)

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