“…Can’t Loose”

4 and a half hours till work… Clearly so excited I can’t sleep…

Couldn’t kick the lady out the bed so managed to re adjust her to the recovery position cause ya know with all that growling wouldn’t want her to choke or anything…

Kicked the cat out of the room for the fact she has the rest of the day to do sweet f all. (Extremely jealous of this feline creature and if reincarnation is real I have my fingers crossed)

So tempted to go scare Sean Fennessey for shits and giggles but couldn’t deal with the tears, mine nor his.

Have refrained from xboxing but now looking back that was stupid. Could of easily smashed out fellowship of the ring extended edition by now and had a jolly jaunt along with the hobbitis.

Saw Jupiter through my telescope.

Stumbled around bringing the telescope in from the garden.

But back to later today.
Motto is…

“Clear eyes, Full Hearts…”


There are no cats in America or Never say Never.

What do we do, when we’re not doing stuff…I find myself asking this question, whilst I am walking around in circles, wondering what to do.

I have a lot of planning to do.

A lot of money to save.

Projects have been non-existent completely, just dreams and ideas floating in my head minutes before one sleeps. Contemplating sport packages with our television provider. But then again, I’m not even a big fan of sports so why… I do like sports. I like American sports. American Football…. Hockey (Canadian?) Basketball, these things are not so much over here…

Cricket. Yes lots of Cricket. But I don’t like cricket… Neither love it. Nor fans of people singing about loving it.

So maybe that rules out sports.

But I am going to America.

It had dawned on me, that I had kept my stepping stone job for over a year, it really it’s funny how we all make different choices in life that send us different places, one could have worked so hard in my chosen dream to now be writing maybe for television, or publishing another novel, but instead gets comfortable in a job that provides money. Any previous reader knows, I like money. But not at the expense of my soul.

I suppose plans are always what keep us moving forward, but as I’ve said, I’m mainly a storyteller, a creator of thoughts, not a great finisher, I know this, and I really know this.

Sits one script in the draw, some chapters here and there, short stories hidden away, and ideas for more than a few. So I decided I needed something new.

Ever since I was young, and I mean like 10-15 years old-young, because lets face it, my hair may be thinning, but at 27, Patrick Fennessey is still very very young with lots to learn; I wanted to be American, I don’t know why… maybe cause I thought things would just be easier (which I know to be utter crap) maybe it was the accent, it was probably because the television was just plain awesome. I knew being from England Id never be a writer for Hollywood, or be creating my own show, working in the writer’s room, so maybe that’s an answer there, Patrick gave up before even trying.

So on one idealistic afternoon, with thoughts in my head, with no ties to my name, I decided to make decision… to travel America. Because as Fifel said “there are no cat’s in America”.

My girlfriend, her sister and brother are flying out to Vancouver mid December then driving the west coast to L.A for new years then off to Hawaii. My girlfriend and I have very different ideas about travelling, which to say, I am always right about (she is mainly right) I wasn’t a fan of this idea, after one trip not being exactly right, I’d put my beloved on a “no holiday/no fly” list so the option of going with them was something I really didn’t want to do…But Boston. Boston was something I did like. Plus I couldn’t leave my loving beautiful girlfriend in L.A for new years with just her family could I…

So I decided I would go. With some conditions… I meet them for Christmas. And we all have fun. We fly to Hawaii come new years together.

So here I am, my plan to see Boston, New York and Washington D.C to start, travelling by train down to New Orleans, Houston and onwards to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles set. Hence the saving. But one bonus about being English… is the currency exchange so plus side for that.

I have my own ideas about what, where and things to do, but what can you suggest?


I fly out on the 1st of December and arrive in snowy/rainy Boston where I plan to sit in an all night café and finish my novel. But things never go to plan. I’d love to hear about others trips through America, Id love to hear some suggestions of what you would see if you were me.

I suppose this blog has always been about trying to expand myself, learn more and better myself but I sold out. But I’m ready to jump again, take that step off the ledge

Begin again. Because after all. Isn’t that the American Dream?