“…Can’t Loose”

4 and a half hours till work… Clearly so excited I can’t sleep…

Couldn’t kick the lady out the bed so managed to re adjust her to the recovery position cause ya know with all that growling wouldn’t want her to choke or anything…

Kicked the cat out of the room for the fact she has the rest of the day to do sweet f all. (Extremely jealous of this feline creature and if reincarnation is real I have my fingers crossed)

So tempted to go scare Sean Fennessey for shits and giggles but couldn’t deal with the tears, mine nor his.

Have refrained from xboxing but now looking back that was stupid. Could of easily smashed out fellowship of the ring extended edition by now and had a jolly jaunt along with the hobbitis.

Saw Jupiter through my telescope.

Stumbled around bringing the telescope in from the garden.

But back to later today.
Motto is…

“Clear eyes, Full Hearts…”


2 thoughts on ““…Can’t Loose”

  1. Love your motto πŸ™‚

    I agree I want to come back as a cat – but a loved cat, not an abused animal.

    Loved hearing your morning’s doing. Hope work was joy oh joy!

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