Kind Humans


This has become a place for dark regress. 
This is everything I didn’t want from a blog.  Indecent deep thought one after another.  I’ve always been with them as they have always been with me. 
“Ignorance is so well organized that we study about everything except ourselves.
I try to decrease the thoughts in my mind. If we stopped thinking we’d have no problems.”

A. T. Ariyaratne
Can you ever change direction? This question not applied to me.  But to the entire human race.  To every single bipedal flesh bag out there making an unconscious decisions to be an ass wipe to society.  To every scholar, inventor, millionaire not listening! Screaming in a bellowing impression of Gandalf the grey’s voice!  Can we ever change!
We study about everything. And we study ourselves so much, we know our faults, we know them so well; from the conscious thought of disposable rubbish, to hidden desires, fetishes, traits, and un-kickable habits. 
The world is instantaneous these days.  We are connected through web and fire.
Countries still wage war, dust still settles over the corpses of humans, animals, and the ashes of plants and trees get carried in the wind. People still suffer in poverty.  But I don’t.  I’ve been raised well.  I’ve met people and I’ve passed strangers and I’ve watched the stars burn in the night sky and I know as a friend has said that there is no answer to the riddle of existence  we are all random packets of a replicating cell structure in a dying universe devoid of meaning.  Yet I strive to be more. 
I strive to be more. 
I sit and watch people rise and fall in a media spotlight that never changes.  It’s not wrong. It’s just not right either.  There should be a way we can have it all.  The knowledge and passion of the human mind if brought together could accomplish a world even the Christian God and Allah couldn’t comprehend, after all isn’t it written we were made in his image. 
Humans.   Together.  Survival. 
We are stronger together.  We will survive alone.  We can be savage.  We originate from hunters. Victims are prey.  We are meant to be more.  We are better when we are Kinder. 
I don’t think it’s enough to know that there is injustice in the world.  I don’t think its right to preach just one thought. 
There are families out there who have their children taken from them…

We will pause, for a second, for a moment in time to remember the ones we’ve lost.  We live on a rock that greets us like guardians.  We haven’t even managed to protect our own.  This is a system that makes itself, the rich are the rich, and they stay safe because of power.  The poor are the poor.  They stay safe because they take what they want when they need it. 
In the wild,  The world itself takes from all life, plants die, animals prey on the weaker ones who equally have the right to the soil beneath our feet, all fall to common skin.  Survival. 
But killing our own.  Murder.  Rape.  Bullying.  The wild. 
Where do we draw the line and come to face what we leave behind,  we are failing ourselves and all we have been in trusted to protect.  It was given to you the moment you took breath. The moment you started connecting thoughts, slurring words, recognizing faces, spelling your name, this is your calling. You were never asked to do this.  You have no option but to succeed.  Failing is not an option. 
I guess whichever way we go… We’ll all still be dust in the end.  Not even memories because there’ll be no one to remember us.  So there’s no incentive.  No passion.
No tomorrow, just today and the one after that the same as before.
Can we make a change. 
My last few days I’ve made an effort to simply melt with kindness to smile at the ones who I would usually just ignore, to spend more time with the people I work with less.  And you know what.  I’m glad I did.  I know more than I ever thought. 
I see a light at the end.
What it takes to get up each morning and put yourself out there. All I’ll say is start, by waking up… then for your next trick… Make a difference, don’t settle for ordinary.
We were all put here to intersect with other and their simple and tiny lives. To maybe change it for the better.  I can’t dismay.  There are beasts out there that rival the darkest of hunters.  I know so much about that.  
I think the point of this is, what does it take, to just be kinder humans…
I certainly don’t know the answer but I’m willing to try. 


One thought on “Kind Humans

  1. I so feel you here, Patrick… so feel you. Love this introspective.

    Yes, what it takes up to get up and get out there. It takes a LOT. Here’s to us who keep on trying.

    Just love the way you think. Could imagine great conversations with you.

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