My One Wish



I haven’t written in a long time, I’ve been planning on relaunching my site with an inter-connection to a project I’m planning on launching soon… But recently many things around me have made me feel powerless. I’ll keep this short as really it is not about me. If you stumble upon this blog, this page, I beg you please keep reading.

This is Omar and Louise’s Story. And now Elias’s more than ever.

The Bad Guy… Cancer. The Costs… Everything


The Story Of Elias, Omar and Louise.

Louise Ballard maybe known to you as a friend, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter or a niece, to me she is my partner, the one I love my friend my companion in this journey we call life, but above all this she is the mother of our 5 week old son Elias.

Louise has just been diagnosed with stage 4 secondary breast cancer that has metastasized to her right lung and that the NHS is limited to what they can do to save her.

Louise was 26 weeks pregnant when she discovered a lump on her right breast, we soon found out that she has a grade 3 cancer measuring 4.5CM, which is very aggressive. Louise has hereditary BRACA 1 and BRACA 2 genes, which made her chances of getting cancer higher than the average person, but not at 31 years of age and whilst pregnant with our first child.
Within 2 weeks of being diagnosed with primary breast cancer, Louise was in hospital having surgery. With the removal of her right breast, Louise was offered chemotherapy but the risks were too great because of the harm chemo would have on our baby. After surgery Louise went on to recover and was looking forward to becoming a mummy, thinking that this was now all behind her. On the 22nd December 2016, our amazing, gorgeous son Elias was born, which was the happiest day of our lives and we couldn’t be prouder parents.


Due to the surgery breastfeeding became complicated with the removal of her right breast, this was devastating to Louise as this was so important to her start to motherhood. Very soon after Elias was born Louise was able to have CT Scans but up until this point we remained positive that the cancer had been completely removed, and we went on to looking forward to a brighter future as a family.

On the 16th January 2017, Louise’s scan result had arrived and we arrange an appointment with The Conquest hospital located in Hastings East Sussex, to meet with Louise’s oncologist. Sitting in the consultation room and hearing the terrible news which was being told to Louise that the cancer had returned and had spread to her lungs, and she is now at stage 4 incurable cancer.

I will never forget when Louise asked if she was going to die and the oncologist said “yes”.

Since that day these words have echoed round my mind everyday.


Our Future:

Although this was the worst news we could possibly receive, I am not prepared to sit back and watch this consume the love of my life.

The NHS have offered Louise FEC T Chemotherapy, but advised Louise this was no cure but to prolong her life. Through extensive research within the UK and abroad, promising treatments have been discovered with good success rates on people with similar prognosis  as Louise.Currently these treatments are not offered by the NHS and some are undergoing clinical trials, and not cost effective to the NHS. We have been supportive of the NHS but I can no longer sit back and watch Louise die, watch my son grow up without his mummy when there is alternative treatment available, I just can’t let the outcome of her future be dictated because of money.

We need Help:

These treatments are very expensive, we are a new family without the money to pay for this desperately needed treatment, we are currently using all of the money we can access, but this is nowhere near enough and this is completely daunting and impossible to raise this money without your help.

Louise means the world to me and i know she means nothing to you, but me and our son and the whole family will be lost without her. I know without you support i can not do this, therefore please donate, share and spread the word, and help me to save the love of my life.

Thank you.

You can Follow Omar and Louise’s Fund me Page here… Please donate. The Smallest from a large number can help the greatest.

Update as of Sunday 12th of February still sitting at £11,000 out of a 100K target. Lets keep this up.

Please share this page.

My One Wish… If ever get one… just one.

I’ve had many desires in life, many well wishes, and one most selfish wish was that if there was a God; to look out for the ones I love and I sacrifice my place up in the sky… I know that’s not how it works. And we’re not the only ones.

But now I ask something of all of the Gods, old and new yet to be named. In the name of Jehovah, in the name of Allah, Zeus and Odin I call to you.

To Brahma, Ganesha, Krishna, Hephaestus, Apollo and Adonis.

To the Oak King our Pagan English God of Summer and Mithras the God of Light.

To JK Rowling to Dan Brown to the Makers of Stargate to Robert Downey Jr to anyone… I’m Selfish to ask, but a new and; but already old friend pointed out that maybe I am… So I’ll use to the best I can.

Omar is my cousin. Is my family. Louise is someone that I have yet to have had the pleasure of meeting. But I’ve heard she is nothing but kind, loving and a beautiful mum to a beautiful child.

Now I make my wish… To the world… Please help me help them.

Help Louise win her battle against an aggressive disease that has taken too many from us already.

I ask for money, love, information, sponsors, something, from someone to help save a family.

Its like the starfish story. You can’t  save them all… But what about the ones you can save.