The Plan – Hook House Publishing

It starts with an idea. It always starts as something new, this Gambit. It started with an idea that maybe we could do something different, do something new. But nothings new in this world. And its hard with out a few thousand pounds in your pocket to make something of yourself.

No ones perfect, I don’t believe.  We all have shades of grey we keep hidden, or maybe it changes when we become parents I don’t know.

When I grew up I often ordered a catalogue from a film school in America, it was my passion and I wanted to make films, movies, write.  Life finds away of distracting the adults and kids, away from dreams,, sometimes just because we don’t want to follow through, sometimes we chase other dreams like ‘to just be accepted’ ‘to be loved’.  Remember that so where out there it’s someone’s dream to be a dentist.

When I travelled across America I had the treat of meeting people that were crafting their piece into the world. To leave their mark, and I realised how easy things are to achieve but then we come back, go through the rig a roll, lets never forget the constraints of time; and all of a sudden three years have passed.

2015 and 2016 have been the most testing of days, and in my own attitudes though I aim to be better than I am. I have learned to know my faults, I’m brash, I’m harsh, I’m prejudice, but I never stop dreaming about the man I want to be. I remember watching something where the lines went like this

“The world isn’t what it should be, its dark, its bleak, it has it’s sunny days but it’s down right harsh, but that’s why we fight, we live, we aim to live in the world it could be, so just maybe we can pass on to those we leave behind the inevitable  dream world It should be.”

We all want to build something in our lives, and to me, I’m at that point where I’m moving forward to fast. 31 not yet driven, not a house owner. A list of failings go on, but my belief and growing ideology that maybe UNITED we can be better I want to not only build something but give something back, and call others that maybe are in the same place I was to help build something together.

I read the news today, and its not at all blind to see that you and I (my father) have clear differences in how we see the world.  If we could come together we could be a driving force in a new age of transition and transparency to news and the way we see the world.

Hook House is only the beginning of something that over the years I hope to build on to pass onto those I leave behind.

The Galapagos Project 

Over the year of 2017 I plan to self publish novel of sorts into the world.  I plan to self finance this project and specifically work around families and friends for my test product.

The story itself is a children’s illustrated adventure, that follows an Lizard named Beagle as he is washed up on the Galápagos Island.  Instantly thrown into danger Beagle must seek out the legendary “Galloping Galapagos” if he is to find his way home.  

On his adventures he crosses the island encountering differing species and in turn learning how the island has shaped them in unique and interesting ways. Beagle will find his way to the eldest of all Turtles on the island, and in fact one of the slowest and in conversation with the “Galloping Galapagos” learn that sometimes home is where the world sends you.  

The aim of the story is to be educational yet fun and visually striking.  

The World Land Trust is one of the most effective charity’s in the world that actually have impact on the globe, it  is also the charity that is most supported by David Attenborough and the story will be dedicated back to the world; something that through his dedication and passion he has given back to us in fantastical and brilliant way.  25% of the proceedings will go to charity, there is another charity that is currently being considered and that is the Galapagos Conservation Trust –  This is the only UK charity fighting and working to protect the famous islands.  This choice is expected to be decided later.

The idea is that the book would be printed on deadline, being distrusted for reviews and test copies around Christmas 2017, come early 2018 the idea would be to attempt a general release.

The book itself will be available online via Amazon but the book will also be produced in limited print.  The idea to print around 100 copies with an option for more or print on request considering; and work on self publication and promotion.  Research has been done into the profit margins of self publishing and publishing online, essentially the story would be something that establishes Hook House as an imprint, accrediting the authors and artists as credited creators.

I don’t aim to start someone with out the best qualifications for it to be an instant success, I aim to work hard and learn from those around me what works what doesn’t.

Which may lead us to our next question. What HHP and what is it that defines it.  

I return to the topic of building something, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. The idea of a publishing company isn’t to make money over night, it isn’t to aim for more and fail.   It’s a project, something to hit the ground; not running, but walking along with hand in hand.  To see what works and what fails in the world; I’m creating of my own design.

The first few years of the project will be spent creating a product that will help put HHP on the map, but I don’t believe the idea to just self publish is enough.

Giving the time and day of age, connectivity is rife and many different organisations tackle the worlds actions the way they see fit.  Organisations like the Russian RT started small, Al Jazeera News still bounces it’s Headquarters around from a Hotel room with no fixed location.

We all wonder in life what we can do to make it better, and I believe writers have in some odd perspective a gift to see the world as it should be so they can show it as it could be, so why not start small, start at home.

The Creative Hub 

A local talent sourced forum and project design Hub.

I throw the word “Hub” around a lot.  But  isn’t hub where various things, peoples, ideas come together to join in transit.

And that’s just it, the creative hub is to grow in its own design to be led by young minds as they are recruited to bring projects to their own fruition.

This project is something that will be worked on in time, and it find its own voice.  Though on the internet a voice can be very powerful or very cowardice and would be monitored frequently.


I want to start small, telling big stories stories, for a big town. Let’s make a name for ourselves.

All I ask is that you join me on my adventure, and work with me for support, ideas and inevitable disagreements.  Bring your own voice and specialties, your own eyes and ideas that will help us make our mark on the map.  To do something new, to mentor each other on new ways to expand our knowledge base, to get connected to the new world we live in.  We have no voice right now, but I believe we can be more, to lead the charge with inspiration and great belief in aspiration