The Soliloquy of Indemnity 

Is it bad I just sit and scour the user online tab to see if your name is present. Even if I have nothing to say except the same.

Quantum locked in the in’s and outs.

Forgetting names but not dreams; you’ve grown bitter in them now.

With no plans, thoughts, nothing set in stone. I can only sit, wait and see what the new day brings. And I can only hope it’s a good one.

There were days you know when it was just paper, books, walks and talks and old stuff.

Now were connected, through chips and flicks, white and black, mini’s and customisation.


Have we lost or have we gained. I can’t answer that. Do I even have the right to question. I like both very much, they were just better with you. I live in a shadow, deep beneath the rock.

In the corner you’ve forgotten about.

In that space that’s not there.

Let’s see what he’ll do next I’ll say. Maybe this time it could be it.


Old people are forgotten, by many but few. But The young live forever.

As long as their stories are told.

What can you learn from a story? Many things, even just one, teach you how to be a hero, how to say no or give you a new voice to finally say bye.

There are many things we can learn. They’ll all be forgotten though, soon.

As one day you’ll be old, looking down at ageless faces who know it’s all glory, are set in their ways.

Have already made choices that have sealed their days.

And you’ll forget names, unless their important. You’ll probably forget them. But not one like Jim.

But you’ll remember the faces. And you’ll remember the dreams.

Where have the days gone? And where have you been.